Pregna-90 Emulsified Fish Oil - Mango Peach 450ml

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    Pregna-90 Emulsified Fish Oil - Mango Peach 450ml

    PreGna-90 Mango food for special medical purposes for pregnant & nursing mother
    is manufactured in FDA-approved facility in USA


    • Exclusive with Apollo Pharmacy for India
    • Precise dose of EPA and DHA per day for maximum immunity to mother and baby
    • Contains 910 mg of EPA and 590 mg of DHA per tablespoon (15 ml) that prevents pneumonia and respiratory problems in baby
    • Prevents viral infection that reduces the risk of low birth weight, growth retardation and preterm delivery
    • High dose PUFA is the only antenatal medical food proven to boost immunity against infections
    • Precise dose of DHA (590 mg per tablespoon) proven for early brain development
    • Patented emulsification and microencapsulation technology for 300% better bioavailability and absorption compared to PUFA soft gels
    • Each bottle is for one month
    • Tasty & refreshing medical food during pregnancy & nursing
    • Recommended PUFA brand during pregnancy by gynecologists and pediatricians

    Quantity: 450 ml

    Ideal for: Pregnant & nursing mothers

    Storage Conditions: Always keep refrigerated (2-8º C). Never keep in the freezer

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