Pigeon Wipes Refill 80S

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SKU# PIG0170
Product Description
  • They do not cause any harmful side effects when consumed accidentally by children.
  • Easy One Hand System a single wipe pops up every time and there is no chained wipes.
  • Effective Pigeon Wipes Refill containing 80 wipes.
  • Microbiological Test PIGEON's Baby Wipes and Wet Tissues are quality checked with Microbiological Test to ensure that they are FREE from harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Pigeon Wipes Refill 80S

    Pigeon Wipes Refill is made of high quality non-woven fabric. This is strong enough to prevent wipes from being easily torn. With jojoba oil and a proper pH balance, Pigeon wipes are specially formulated to gently clean and moisturise baby's delicate skin.

    Thicker, softer and enriched with soothing chamomile leaves baby smelling fresh.

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