Mee Mee One Way Protective Nappy Liners (100 Liners)

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Care just got easy. Mee Mee's One Way Protective Nappy Liners are gentle on your baby's bottom while protecting it from wetness. One way to keep you and your baby happy during the initial years is to keep baby’s bottom clean and dry. Mee Mee's One Way Absorbent Nappy Liners are a hygienic and convenient way to keep your baby’s bottom dry while using reusable cloth nappies. These are gentle against the skin and allow the pee to pass through, keeping your baby dry and clean always. It also protects your baby’s clothes from poop stains by efficiently preventing any mess from leaking out. Made of soft, breathable fabric, the liners are easy to use, carry and dispose of, and are perfect for travel. Made of 100% soft, environmental-friendly material to give baby a smooth and cozy sensation. Silkier and softer than regular nappy for all-day comfort of your tiny tot. Protects your baby against diaper rash and skin irritation caused due to wetness. Keeps your baby’s nappy stain-free even if he/she poops. Fragrance and chemical-free thus completely safe. Easy to use, carry, and dispose of, making it perfect for travel. 

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