Mamypoko Pants New Born (Upto 5 kg) 28s

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It has Crisscross Absorbent sheet which absorbs 7 glasses of urine & spreads it evenly so diaper does not get heavy as urine does not get collected at one place because of its crisscross absorbent sheet It has stretchable thigh support which prevents thigh gaps and hence prevents leakage It prevents redness and lasts for up to 12 hours It is easy to wear It comes with special Disney Winnie the Pooh designs, with 28 units, upto 5 kg.

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    Mamypoko Pants New Born 28s

    MamyPoko Pants provides increased absorption and gives your baby a peaceful night sleep so that he wakes up smiling in the morning. As your baby learns to crawl they get more active by the day. With these pants diaper change can be so easy that you don't have to interrupt their playtime! The flexible waistband allows movement while keeping the diaper secure and safe from leakages. Key Features Stretchable thigh support - It has stretchable thigh support which prevents thigh support and hence prevents leakage Breathable Cotton Like Cover - It allows humidity to pass through so that diaper does not feel stuffy even when used for longer Uninterrupted Nights - It absorbs urine and distributes evenly so diaper does not look heavy and lasts upto 12 Hours Crisscross Absorbent sheet - 'Crisscross Absorbent sheet' that spreads 7 glasses of urine does not look heavy All round elastic wide-band - It is easy to fit gentle on skin and breathable material keeps the child fresh and comfortable.

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