Huggies Ultra Soft Pants Diapers, XS (2 X Pack of 22) 44 count

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Product Description
  • The speed dry layer pulls in wetness instantly and helps in keeping your baby's skin dry.
  • "Wear any-side" snug fit allows the pants to be worn any side.
  • This also provides a comfortable snug fit. Has a Runny Poo Pocket, Wetness Indicator and an Air Fresh Material which allows easy air flow.
  • The Pack contains 22 High Quality Diapers, upto 5 kgs.

    Huggies Ultra Soft Diapers New Baby XS 22s

    When it comes to baby diapers, the most important aspect is choosing the right ones for your child. This is why the New Huggies Ultra Soft Diapers is designed in such a manner to keep your baby dry & comfortable. The diaper pant has super stretchy elastic which adapts to the baby’s waist size to give a gentle and comfortable fit.

    The absorption of the pant lasts up to 12 hours which helps your baby sleep uninterruptedly.

    Huggies Ultra Soft Diapers is especially designed for new borns. The diaper now comes with a new and accurate wetness indicator. With its feather soft material, Huggies is the ultimate choice for your new born baby.

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