Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes 72s, Combo Pack of 2, (144 Count)

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Indian Aloe

Indian Aloe

Indian Aloe is a revered herb known to be beneficial in wide range of skin problems. It helps in moisturizing and soothing baby's skin.

Indian Lotus

Indian Lotus

Indian Lotus helps keep baby's skin soft and supple.


Product Description
  • High quality Baby wipes which keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Plays a vital role in moisturizing the skin and helps in alleviating skin irritation.
  • Consists of natural ingredients which is baby skin friendly and the new pH balanced formula reduces the skin irritation.
  • The pack contains 72 high quality baby wipes.
    Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes 72S

    Himalaya gentle baby wipes Cleanses, Moisturizes and keeps the delicate baby skin soft. It contains an effective combination of herbs that moisturizes and keeps your baby's delicate skin soft.
    Aloe Vera ensures the moisture balance to keep your baby's skin soft and supple. Indian Lotus keeps the skin dry and smooth.


    Himalaya Baby Wipes contain Indian lotus extracts that conditions the skin and makes it soft and smooth. The plant extracts that are used in these wipe sheets are recommended by dermatologists as appropriate and gentle for the skin of babies.

    Number of Baby Wipes: 72 wipes

    Note: Contains Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus extracts with a scent that will keep your baby fresh and hygienic.

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