Complan Chocolate Refill 1Kg

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Product Description
  • Contains the goodness of milk protein and triple action formula.
  • Irresistible Classic chocolate flavour to delight your child’s taste buds.
  • Refill Net Quantity: 1 Kg (1000 grams)
  • Special formula for Essential for rapid growth, development & maintenance of body.
  • Concentrated source of energy & mental alertness.
  • Strong & healthy bones & teeth.
  • Maintenance of water balance in the body.
  • Keeps you mentally Sharp, Alert & Physically active.
  • Efficient conversion of food to energy, keeping nervous system healthy. Helps in blood clotting to stop bleeding.
₹494.00 MRP ₹520.00
    Complan Chocolate Refill 1Kg

    Complan Chocolate Flavour is a delicious way to provide your child with the desired nutrition. When children are developing it is important to make sure they are receiving the essential vitamins and nutrients to reach their fullest potential.

    Complan provides your child 34 vital nutrients and is the most widely preferred growth supporting health drink.


    Complan comes with a triple action milk protein formula which is special formulated to nourish growing children. Many parents and doctors have agreed that Complan has shown proven results in overall growth of children.

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